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It is the closest CFS to the Mombasa port enhancing its agile operations to deliver its customers cargo fast, efficient and secure.

At Interpel, our core business is to handle and transfer both local and transit cargo from the port of Mombasa to our inland freight station for further clearance. The cargo can be in loose form, containerised or motor vehicles.

The facility houses all relevant authorities such as The Kenya Revenue Authority, The Kenya Police and The Kenya Bureau of Standards to facilitate quick and efficient clearance process.

With a container terminal capacity to accommodate over 1500 TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units), a warehouse space of over 5500 Sq Feet and a motor vehicle yard that can accommodate more than1500 units. We strive to facilitate prompt clearance for quick turnaround.

Market Consolidation

With emerging East and Central Africa market, Interpel has positioned itself as a leading player in the logistics industry.

We are prepared to serve Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and DR. Congo among others.

This is a vast business opportunity beckoning. We intend to consolidate our potential and have a strong presence in the regional market by keenly studying individual market segments and focusing our marketing activities to different customer categories.


Current business demands individual and corporate entities to implement measures to reduce cost. At Interpel, we carry out a continuous evaluation of our customer needs to assess their immediate and long term needs.

Therefore we have implemented related services like:-

  • Clearing and forwarding agency
  • Transport
  • Empty Container Depot

This enables us meet our customer needs under one roof. Our immediate plan is to introduce shipping agency service as well.

Company Strategy

Our business strategies are geared towards improving our services to surpass the customer expectation. This will translate to increased revenues and profitability to both parties and enlarge our customer base.

Our main strategies include:-

  • Investing in our operational tools with state of the art equipment and software to tremendously boost our throughput.
  • Providing world – class service by ensuring operational efficiency in delivery of cargo.
  • Boosting our regional market presence by creating awareness through aggressive marketing campaign.

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Vision Statement

To be the leader & preferred Container Freight Station in the region.

Mission Statement

To continuously ensure stakeholders value by:-
  • Raising standards to achieve operational excellence for the benefit of our customers.
  • Conducting our business in a safe and economically sustainable manner.
  • Engaging a diverse, innovative & result-oriented team.
  • Applying the latest business technology & practices to fit individual client needs.

Company Value

  • Forward Thinking - To be proactive and innovative in embracing the latest technology.
  • Integrity - To be responsible, honest and fair in all our business dealings & relationships.
  • Respect - To respect the feelings of the employee, appreciate their dignity, time, effort and the need to balance work and family life.
  • Service Excellence - To serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently through continual learning and positive work attitude.
  • Teamwork - To value teamwork, harmony and unity by being considerate to our colleagues and customers in our work relationships.
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To ship your cargo through our terminal, indicate on the Bill of Lading under goods description “In transit to Interpel CFS”