Full Container Load (FCL)

Our modern lifting equipments can handle over height and over dimensional cargo.

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Full Container Load (FCL) term is used in ocean freight service describing full container shipping from one place to another

FCL is the best form of shipping freight regarding cost, volume and weight of the cargo.The most common container sizes are the 20 and 40 foot containers.

We offer FCL services, by handling all types of containers, general standard, high cube, hard and open tops and flat racks. We have modern lifting equipments which can handle over height and over dimensional cargo.


Why Choose Us?

Interpel has a container terminal capacity to accommodate over 3,000 TEUS, a warehouse space of over 20,000 square feet and a motor vehicle yard that can accommodate more than 1,500 units.
All this in a bid to facilitate prompt clearance for quick turnaround.

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To ship your cargo through our terminal, indicate on the Bill of Lading under goods description “In transit to Interpel CFS”