We nurture a good team of professionals in line with our strategic objectives.

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Our Human Resource Department drives the critical goal of providing workforce support for the entire business to enable it achieve its objectives.

The company is guided by sound governance practices with self- motivated, hardworking and competent staff who are customer base and have a vast experience in handling all sorts of cargo.

We nurture a good team of professionals in line with our strategic objectives and boast of a loyal customer base.

In pursuit of our corporate governance strategies, we ensure satisfaction to our suppliers, consultants and clients in general.

All Interpel Investments Staff are entitled to:

  • Generous leave including study leave and compassionate leave with leave allowances
  • Medical scheme with inpatient and outpatient cover for principal, spouse and children
  • Market level remuneration
  • End year bonuses
  • Employees of the year award


The safety and health of our staff is paramount. This is why the company has put in place stringent safety measures to safeguard the workforce from hazards and risks. These measures also apply to our clients and customers.


We endeavour into educating our staff on essence of team building by engaging in customer focussed training programmes. Quality service is important in all aspects of our operations. Staff are given the opportunity to realise their career ambitions and self development.

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Vision Statement

To be the leader & preferred Container Freight Station in the region.

Mission Statement

To continuously ensure stakeholders value by:-
  • Raising standards to achieve operational excellence for the benefit of our customers.
  • Conducting our business in a safe and economically sustainable manner.
  • Engaging a diverse, innovative & result-oriented team.
  • Applying the latest business technology & practices to fit individual client needs.

Company Value

  • Forward Thinking - To be proactive and innovative in embracing the latest technology.
  • Integrity - To be responsible, honest and fair in all our business dealings & relationships.
  • Respect - To respect the feelings of the employee, appreciate their dignity, time, effort and the need to balance work and family life.
  • Service Excellence - To serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently through continual learning and positive work attitude.
  • Teamwork - To value teamwork, harmony and unity by being considerate to our colleagues and customers in our work relationships.
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To ship your cargo through our terminal, indicate on the Bill of Lading under goods description “In transit to Interpel CFS”